2018 MSLRP Application Period Update

  1. 2018 Application Period: February 5 through February 9, 2018 Postmarks Only

  2. Non-priority Applications with HPSA Scores of 8 or More Treated as Single Priority

  3. Top Priority Applicants for 2018 Application Period

    1. Inpatient Pediatric Psychiatric Providers

    2. Genesee County Applicants

    3. Northern Obstetric Service Providers

  4. Important Reminders:

    1. Updated MSLRP Review Process

    2. Workdays Away Form Required for Last Work Verification Form

    3. Participants Must Complete Service Obligations with Original Employers

    4. Employers Must Employ Participants Throughout Service Obligations

The Michigan State Loan Repayment Program (MSLRP) assists employers in the recruitment and retention of medical, dental, and mental health primary care providers who continue to demonstrate their commitment to building long-term primary care practices in underserved communities designated as Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs).  MSLRP will assist those selected by providing up to $200,000 in tax-free funds to repay their educational debt over a period of up to eight years.  Participants compete for consecutive two-year MSLRP agreements requiring them to remain employed for a minimum of 40 hours per week for no less than 45 weeks per year at eligible nonprofit practice sites providing primary healthcare services to ambulatory populations.  Providers must remain with the employers who sponsor them during their two-year agreements, and employers must continue to employ the providers they sponsor during their two-year service obligations.  Due to significant program changes starting with this application period, providers and employers are urged to carefully read this update, as well as the entire updated MSLRP website and all application forms.     

1.  2018 Application Period: February 5 - 9, 2018 Postmarks Only:

In response to increasing application volume, the 2018 application period will begin on February 5, and continue through February 9, 2018.   Please note that February 5 is a different start date and that this is much shorter application period than in previous years.  Applications will be batched according to their postmarks and applications in each postmark batch will have preference over those in each subsequent batch.  First, applications in the February 5 postmark batch will be ranked according to their applicant priority status and randomly-generated lottery numbers assigned during intake and then screened and reviewed. This process will continue with each following postmark batch until a sufficient number of applications have been approved to obligate program funds.  The best strategy for being awarded in 2018 is for providers and employers to start working on their applications early, making sure they are 100% complete, and dropping them into the mail box on the morning of February 5, 2018.  The postmark is what matters, not how soon it arrives at the MSLRP Office, so sending an application through an express mail service will not improve the chances of being awarded.  Applications with postmarks earlier than February 5, 2018 will treated as if they have February 9 postmarks.  You will find more information about applicant priority status, lottery numbers and rank ordering, as well as the screening and review process on the MSLRP website.

New application forms will be posted on the MSLRP website under Application Periods, Forms, and Process as soon as possible.  The new forms must be used to apply.  Briefly, providers must complete the Provider Application Part A and Part B forms, and employers must complete the Practice Site Application and Declaration of Intent form and include all required attachments.  Providers should start with their Part B forms, because they take the longest to complete.  All application forms must be mailed together in a single envelope to the MSLRP Office.  Only one provider application package may be mailed in a single envelope.

Loan repayment agreements for successful applicants will begin October 1, 2018 and continue through September 30, 2020.  The contribution requirement for nonprofit employers will remain at 20 percent of their providers’ agreement amounts.  For-profit employers placing providers in nonprofit practice sites, such as state prisons, will continue to contribute 50 percent.  Participation in MSLRP is contingent upon the availability of program funds at the time of contracting.  Although the program expects to receive funding for loan repayment agreements resulting from this application period, applicants should be aware that state and federal budgeting processes may affect their participation.  Applicants are asked not to call the MSLRP Office to inquire about funding status.  Applicants will be notified as soon as information is available.

Applications must be mailed to: Brittany Brookshire, MSLRP Coordinator
                                                       MDHHS - South Grand Building – 5th Floor
                                                       333 South Grand Avenue,
                                                       Lansing, MI 48933

2. Non-priority Applicants with HPSA Scores of at Least Eight Treated as Single-Priority:

Starting with the 2018 application period, non-priority applicants working at eligible practice sites with HPSA scores of at least eight, will be treated as single-priority practice sites.  To be considered as single-priority, multiple practice sites of non-priority applicants must all have HPSA scores of at least eight. Non-priority applicants working at sites with HPSA scores of less than eight, will be included in the final 2/9/18 batch of applications, regardless of their postmark dates.

3. Top Priority Applicants for 2018 Application Period 

  1. Inpatient Pediatric Psychiatric Providers:

    Psychiatrists specializing in pediatrics at inpatient psychiatric units will be a priority during 2018 application period.  To be eligible for Inpatient Pediatric Psychiatric Provider priority status, psychiatrists must be involved in the assessment, admission, and treatment of pediatric inpatients.  Employers of those awarded loan repayment agreements with inpatient pediatric psychiatric provider status will be required to make 20 percent employer contributions. Applicants must meet all of the Michigan State Loan Repayment Program’s (MSLRP’s) eligibility and application requirements except they may be:

    • Inpatient hospital-based, instead of clinic-based

    • Treating an inpatient hospital, instead of an outpatient, ambulatory population

    • Working at a practice site(s) that does not have a mental health Health Provider Shortage Area (HPSA) facility designation and is not located within a mental health geographical HPSA.

  1. Genesee County Applicants:

    Providers working at practice sites in Genesee County will continue to be a priority during the 2018 application period.  Providers must meet all MSLRP requirements except the following.

    • The 20 percent employer contribution is waived.

    • Provider practice sites are not required to be located within a Health Professional Shortage Area.

  2. Northern Obstetric Service Providers:

    This includes all obstetric service providers working at practice sites in, or north of, Mason, Lake, Osceola, Clare, Gladwin, and Arenac Counties.  This includes OB/GYN physicians and certified nurse midwives (CNMWs), as well as family medicine physicians, nurse practitioners (NPs), and physician assistants (PAs) who provide obstetric services on a regular basis at both hospital and non-hospital-based clinics.  Clinicians who provide prenatal care, but do not perform deliveries, may also receive priority status.  For more information see the Selection Criteria, Review Process, and Final Phase Procedure chapter on the MSLRP website. 

4. Important Reminders:

  1. Updated MSLRP Review Process:

In 2017, the program streamlined its review process to accommodate increasing application volume.  In the past, those submitting incomplete applications were provided an opportunity to complete their applications by submitting supplemental documentation.  Now, those submitting incomplete application packages will be notified they have been screened out of the current application process and encouraged to reapply the following year.  Emails notifying applicants they have been screened out will outline deficiencies in their current applications to assist them in submitting complete future applications.  Providers and employers are strongly encouraged to read more about the review process in the Selection Criteria, Review Process and Final Phase Procedure section of the MSLRP website.

  1. Workdays Away Form Required for Last Two Work Verification Forms

    Employers are required to complete the Workdays Away from Practice Sites (WDA) forms printed on the back of their participants’ last  Work Verification Form (WVF).  Employers will find instructions for calculating the number of workdays participants are away from their MSLRP-approved practice sites in the Participant Information and Requirements section of the MSLRP website.  Complete mailing instructions are included on each combined WVF/WDA form.  Participants will not receive their last payment unless WDA forms are completed.

  2. Participants Must Complete Service Obligations with Original Employers

    Providers applying for MSLRP are agreeing to stay with their employers during their two-year service obligations.  Providers uncertain about remaining with their current employers during their entire two-year MSLRP service obligations should not apply for loan repayment during the current application period.  They should wait until issues with their current employers are resolved or start with other employers before applying.  Provider-initiated transfers to new employer practice sites with start dates other than the first day of their next MSLRP loan repayment agreement, if awarded, are a breach of that agreement for which they will receive a Non-Compliance Assessment.  This means they will not be eligible to participate in the next application period during which they would normally reapply.

  3. Employers Must Employ Participants Throughout Service Obligations

    Employers applying for MSLRP are agreeing to employ the providers they sponsor throughout their service obligations to the program.  Employers uncertain about continuing to employ providers should not sponsor them during the current application period. They should wait until issues with those providers are resolved or sponsor other providers.  Employers who terminate their MSLRP participant’s employment during their service obligations without ‘good cause’ are in breach of their agreements and will receive a Non-Compliance Assessment.  This means the sponsoring agency will not be able to participate in the next application period by sponsoring providers applying to the program for the first time as their employees.  They will, however, be able to continue sponsoring employees who are reapplying to the program.