MDHHS - File Transfer

File folder with arrows pointing left and rightHospitals and Clinic Reimbursement Division 

The MDHHS-File Transfer application may be used by Medicaid providers and the Hospital and Clinic Reimbursement Division (HCRD) to securely send and receive files.*  The types of files that could be shared include Medicaid cost report software, Medicaid filed cost reports, Medicaid filed reconciliation reports, and claims files containing protected health information.  Please note that providers can still submit information to the HCRD as they routinely do.  The file transfer process is offered as another option and providers are not restricted to its use.

The MDHHS-File Transfer application is available through the State of Michigan MILogin at

For more information on MILogin, visit the MILogin help page. 


*MDHHS is not responsible for communications that are undeliverable or are otherwise not received due to a provider or authorized user’s failure to maintain or provide accurate information.