Delayed- Managed Care Organization providers to Medicaid Beneficiaries must enroll in CHAMPS.

February 23, 2018: Attention ALL Providers: The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) requirement of Managed Care Organization (MCO) typical providers needing to be enrolled in CHAMPS by March 1, 2018, has been delayed. Additional communication will be issued when a date has been finalized. 

We continue to encourage all typical rendering, referring, ordering, prescribing and attending MCO providers to enroll in CHAMPS. As at a future date, MDHHS will prohibit MCOs from making payments to all typical non enrolled providers. 

Enrollment in CHAMPS neither requires nor mandates those providers who are part of a managed care network to accept Fee-for-Service Medicaid beneficiaries. Enrollment in CHAMPS is solely used for the purpose of screening providers participating in Medicaid.