Agency Providers

Agency Providers

An agency provider is defined by MDHHS as an organization or an employer of two or more individual providers. Agencies seeking to provide services in the Home Help program must be approved by MDHHS before they are approved for the agency rate. The agency must submit to MDHHS a letter of intent, which needs to include contact information for the Home Help agency owner and administrator.

Home Help agencies involved in the Home Help program must register in CHAMPS and have a criminal history screening done prior to delivering services or working with MDHHS Home Help beneficiaries.

Listed is the process to become an enrolled and approved Home Help agency provider. 

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  1. Obtain or already have a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  2. Register your vendor account with the State of Michigan (SOM) by visiting the SIGMA Vendor Self Service website: ​
  3. MILogin Instructions
  4. CHAMPS Instructions and Information
    • Instructions on how to complete and submit the CHAMPS provider enrollment application, revalidation, and more.
      • ​Important update for agency caregivers: MDHHS would like to introduce the MSA-204- Home Help Agency Caregiver Enrollment Authorization Form as outlined in MSA 20-69.  The MSA-204 allows the agency provider to enroll an agency caregiver in CHAMPS in the agency caregivers' absence. It must only be used when the agency caregiver chooses not to participate in the submission of their CHAMPS enrollment application.

Click here to download a fillable version of the MSA-204

  1. Submit Documents to the MDHHS Home Help Unit​​
    • To receive the agency provider rate and to be added to the Approved Agency Provider list.
  2.  Final Steps
    • After completing steps 1-5 contact the MDHHS local county office to get authorized, provide services, and submit an invoice for payment.


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