Health Facilities Atlas

The Health Facilities Atlas is an interactive atlas of facilities offering a CON covered service or beds in the State of Michigan.  The atlas was designed in collaboration with Michigan State University Department of Geography.  The atlas allows users to view the facilities in many different views using differing criteria. The following are basic instructions for the atlas:
  1. Select the area to view by clicking on one of the following options:
    • HSA 1-8
    • Statewide
    • A major city or geographic area

  2. Select the type of view:
    • View by Facility - This view will provide information by facility type.  When selecting a specific facility, the offered services are highlighted to the right of the facility information.
    • View by Service - This view will provide information by service type.  The map will be populated with only facilities that offer the selected service.

  3. Mouse over and click the facility to view the facility name, address, id number, and a hyper-link to the facility's most recent annual survey data.

The department and MSU continue to work to improve this tool add additional features.  All non-licensed freestanding facilities and 2010 annual survey data will be added to the atlas later this summer.  A save/print feature is being developed.