How do I allow someone to speak on my behalf to Michigan ENROLLS?

Answer: You must speak with the call center staff first to verify your personal information. At this time, you can give verbal authorization for someone to speak with Michigan ENROLLS on your behalf and have that person get on the phone to continue the call. This verbal authorization will be valid only for that day.  If you would like to authorize someone to speak on your behalf at another time without your verbal permission, you will need to complete, sign and submit an Authorization to Release Protected Health Information form (DCH-1183) to MDHHS. 

If you have a court appointed guardian, durable power of attorney or designated patient advocate, contact Michigan ENROLLS to determine if you that person is identified as the guardian or other authorized representative in the system. Michigan ENROLLS will ask specific questions to verify the information contained in its records. If this verification cannot be confirmed, you will need to submit the court issued Letters of Guardian, durable power of attorney, patient advocate designation or other documents to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). Once reviewed and approved, this information will be transmitted to Michigan ENROLLS so you will be able to speak on behalf of the person that is authorized.

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