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Regional Clinical Education Networking Events Planned in Response to Symposium

Over the past decade, efforts to both decrease costs and provide options for individuals to receive care in the setting of their choice, have reduced the proportion of care received in acute settings.  Combined with an increase in health professional education programs, this has resulted in an insufficient number of traditional clinical placement sites.  While there are numerous other healthcare provider organizations willing to accommodate students in need of clinical education sites, shifting training to non-acute care settings requires a restructuring of the model for clinical education.  New models will, necessarily move away from a reliance on 24-7 services provided in a single location with an abundance of both patients in need of healthcare services and licensed, registered nurse resources to serve as preceptors.  In response to a top priority identified at the statewide Undergraduate Clinical Placement Symposium held in June of 2019, the Office of Nursing Programs will be holding regional clinical education networking events throughout FY 2020.  The regional events will focus on facilitating increased use of non-acute, community-based, and other alternative clinical sites statewide.  These events bring together interested representatives from nursing education and practice to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Expand the number of undergraduate nursing clinical education practice sites within a region by learning from the experience of innovators in nursing education and practice engaging in the creation of new models designed to meet student learning objectives in non-traditional nursing clinical education practice settings.

  • Forge new partnerships for the clinical education of undergraduate nursing students in a defined region of the state.

  • Expose students to learning experiences that provide opportunities to see first-hand the impact of social determinants of health on the members of Michigan communities in which nurses practice.

Three regional networking events were completed in 2019 with events planned in three additional regions of the state in 2020.

Results of the three events include the following:

  • One hundred forty-six individuals networked with one another to identify potential, future clinical education partnerships for developing new models for undergraduate nursing clinical placements.

  • Representatives from six community colleges, 16 baccalaureate nursing education programs and 65 unique practice organizations were informed of lessons learned from six, unique alternative models for the clinical education of undergraduate nursing students currently in use in Michigan by innovators in nursing education and practice.

  • Representatives from the 22 nursing educational programs in attendance forged 271 academic-practice networking partnerships for the exploration of potential new undergraduate nursing clinical placements in the three regions.


Presentations and the results from each completed regional networking event may be found using the following links:

Each is a link to the individual regional event webpage.



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