Metro-Detroit Regional Undergraduate Nursing Clinical Education Networking Event

The third undergraduate nursing clinical education regional networking event was held in the Metro-Detroit region of the state in December of 2019.  To set the stage for networking opportunities, the event began with presentations of newer models of clinical education developed in non-acute care settings.   Links to the presentations are provided on this webpage.  Attendees included 66 individuals who networked with one another to identify potential, future clinical education partnerships for developing new models for undergraduate nursing clinical placements.  This included representatives from three community colleges, five baccalaureate nursing education programs and 37 unique practice organizations within the region.  Individuals representing nine nursing academic programs within the region completed evaluation surveys indicating that they had identified a total of 138 new potential academic-practice partnerships for the clinical education of their undergraduate nursing students.  See results from the evaluation surveys completed by 59 attendees in the below charts.


Education Representative Response

Total Number of New Community/ Practice Contacts for Potential Clinical Placements

Number of Education Evaluations Returned

Average Number of New Contacts

Metro-Detroit Regional Event





*This number is higher than the number of attendees from nursing educational institutions, it is believed that some practice representatives who also identified themselves as serving in a clinical teaching role at an educational institution completed the educator portion of the evaluation survey.

Speaker Presentations   

The speaker’s names are linked to their presentation slides.

  • Evilia Jankowski, MSA, BSN, RN
    State School Nurse Consultant
    Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
    Michigan Department of Education
    Terri Czerwinski, MSN, RN
    School Health, Nurse Consultant
    Wayne RESA

  • Lisa Finetti Hahn, MS, BSN, RN
    Chief of Community Nursing Programs and Maternal and Child Health Programs
    Oakland County Health Division

  • Kelly Brittain, PhD, RN
    Associate Professor
    Michigan State University

  • Amy A. Stahley, PhD, RN
    Associate Dean of Nursing, Davenport University
    Co-Presenter:  Heather Hunt, MSN, RN
    Davenport University