Acknowledging and Celebrating the Contributions of the Nursing Profession

In the Year of the Nurse and Nurse Midwife, as you celebrate Nurse's Week and/or Nurses Month, I believe the efforts of nurses over the past several months have demonstrated more effectively than any words could state why the World Health Organization thought it important that nurses receive recognition throughout 2020.  Through your individual and combined efforts, in collaboration with other professions at the forefront of confronting COVID-19 and caring for the needs of the people of the state of Michigan, the state continues to progress through this health crisis.  Recognizing the unprecedented nature of the challenges facing nurses, whether adjusting to the impact of the pandemic on a long held nursing role, adapting to a new role, advocating for the safety of nurses and those for whom nurses provide care, learning to apply new technologies or facing reduced work hours, the most recent professional and personal demands on nurses are many.  In recognition of the challenges associated with this time in history, it is important that caregivers find the time and energy to also take care of themselves.  Resources tailored to health professionals may be accessed using the following web address:

Throughout this pandemic much is being learned about nursing and the systems in which our work occurs that will inform the future of education and practice.  In the interim, we continue to welcome new nurses into a workplace in need of their service, while recognizing that the unprecedented nature of the current demands on both nursing education and practice will impact the onboarding process for these individuals who are new to the profession of nursing. Entering the workforce during a pandemic, they will need support to learn to apply the self-care and advocacy skills they have learned as well as critical thinking and technical skills.  At the same time, nursing professional organizations welcome these new nurses to the table to engage in advocacy and efforts to advance both the science and art of nursing education and practice as well as efforts to protect the safety of both patients and direct care nurses.

Thank you to everyone who completed the Workplace Violence Survey and/or the 2020 Michigan Nursing Licensure Survey.  In consultation with a steering committee comprised of nursing stakeholders, the data will be analyzed and reported 2020 findings posted with prior year findings, at the following web address:

The workforce data obtained from these surveys will inform future efforts of the Office of Nursing Safety and Workforce Planning.

Please, stay safe, stay strong and be proud to be a member of such a remarkable group of professionals.