Ann J. Kellogg School Puts the Pedal to the Medal Towards Attendance

Girl on Bike

Ann J. Kellogg School in Calhoun County held an end-of-the-year awards assembly where the students received a huge surprise.

Throughout the year, the Pathways to Potential program’s success coach Penny Wilson used monthly incentive boosters such as ice cream sundaes, pizza parties for the classroom with the best attendance (complete with bragging rights and a banner outside their classroom door saying “Attendance Matters - Our Class Rocks”) and movie/swim party at the Y-Center. During the 2014-2015 school year, there were eight students with perfect attendance, and Wilson wanted to increase this number. She encouraged and engaged not only the students but the parents as well to come to school every day, ready to learn. Relentless efforts to boost attendance began before the school year started when goals and incentives were established to increase attendance at the school. She broke down a variety of barriers standing between her clients and attending school, including providing transportation, housing, clothing and counseling resources. Through barrier removal, the parent and student’s hard work paid off, and during the 2015-2016 school year, the number of students with perfect attendance for the year nearly doubled to 15.

During the end-of-year event, students received a variety of awards, including awards for their academic achievements, leadership roles, and outstanding citizenship. The most enticing perk for many students was to participate in a year-end raffle to win a bike (one for each gender). A student would need perfect attendance in order to have his/her name put into the raffle for the bike. All 15 students with perfect attendance were brought to center stage where they were acknowledged by receiving certificates and medals. The anticipation grew as to who would be the lucky winners of the bikes. Names were drawn and two lucky winners were announced. There were 13 very disappointed faces about to leave the stage when the principal pointed to the rear of the auditorium and announced, “staff, come on down”. Staff came riding in on 13 more bicycles while the students, staff, and parents cheered. The 13 students who were not chosen in the drawing, each received a bike. Wilson said, "the look on the kid’s faces was priceless; it was the best surprise ever."

Over the past two years, Ann J. Kellogg School’s attendance rate has increased from 85-86% to 95%.

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