North Godwin Hosts Superhero-Themed Attendance Celebration

Robin, Batman, Superwoman costumed people

North Godwin Elementary School hosted a Superhero Themed attendance celebration. All students who had good attendance were invited to participate in the event. North Godwin uses the Stop Light method of tracking attendance. The parents of students who had yellow or red attendance (poor) had opportunities to meet with the success coach, Elizabeth Kephart, to put a plan in place so the child could move to green light.

Superhero costumed peopleOf the 330 students enrolled at North Godwin, 280 students were considered to have good attendance and received an invitation. Of those students, 133 attended with their families, making the total in attendance 468.  Some of the invited families have had poor attendance in years past and have made the necessary changes so their child now attends school regularly.

The schools’ community partners donated items such as hot dogs and buns from Big Top Market. This event would not have been successful without the volunteers from not only school staff but also Community Church.

Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Captain America made an appearance. Batman and Robin's costumes were donated by The Kostume Room. "Wonder" dogs, "Crunch" chips, cupcakes and "Hulk" juice was served while students participated in crafts, bounce houses and games. Families were able to come together and celebrate good attendance.