Critical Health Indicators

2011 Critical Health Indicators Report Logo The 2011 edition of the Michigan Critical Health Indicators report describes Michigan's health and well-being and establishes a method for monitoring improvement. The report is organized by 4 specific health topics and their 28 related measures or indicators. These indicators directly or indirectly measure the health and health behaviors of Michigan residents. The report examines each indicator, providing 10 years of data when available.  

Factors and indicators which contribute to improved health are moving in the correct direction, including pediatric immunizations, cholesterol testing, nutrition, and physical activity. High school and college graduation rates increased and the jobless rate decreased. The mortality rate of cancer decreased. The broader indicator of life expectancy also moved in the right direction. 

An increasing demand for public health services continues to exist within an uncertain financial environment. This document provides information on many state initiatives to support better health in local communities and statewide. 

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Trend Direction from Previous Time Period 

Comparison of Michigan to United States 

Health Outcomes

Life Expectancy at Birth and at Age 65 

Infant Mortality Rate 

Low Birthweight/Very Low Birthweight 

Leading Causes of Death 

Teenage Birth Rate 

Injury Mortality 

Chronic Disease 

Poor Mental Health 

Communicable Disease 

Health-Related Behaviors


Physical Activity 

Binge Drinking 


Overweight and Obesity - Adults 

Overweight and Obesity - Children 

Oral Health 

Health Systems

Primary Care Workforce 

Veteran Access 

Healthcare Expenditures 

Insurance Coverage 

Access to Healthcare 

Preventive Services 

Pediatric and Adult Immunizations 

Preventable Hospitalizations 

Healthcare-Associated Infections 

Socioeconomic Factors

Adults and Children in Poverty 

Educational Attainment 

Jobless Rate 

2003 edition of the Critical Health Indicators report: [PDF file] 
2007 edition of the Critical Health Indicators report: [PDF file] 
2009 edition of the Critical Health Indicators report: [PDF file]
2010 edition of the Critical Health Indicators report: [PDF file]

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