Michigan Asthma Indicators:
Adults Who Currently Have Asthma


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Indicator:  Adults who reported that they had, at one time, been diagnosed with asthma and that they still have it

What it measures:  Percent of adults who reported that they have ever been told by a health care provider that they have asthma and that they are still living with the disease.

How it is measured:  This indicator uses data from the annual Michigan Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) survey. The Michigan BRFSS is a randomly dialed, phone-based survey of Michigan residents age 18 years or older who are contacted via their landlines or cell phones. Respondents who answered "yes" to the questions, "Have you ever been told by a doctor, nurse, or other health professional that you had asthma?" and (if so), "Do you still have asthma?" are included in this indicator.

Why it is important:   In 2015, the current prevalence of asthma among Michigan adults was 10.2 percent.

(Source:  Michigan Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System)

MDHHS programs that address this indicator:  Asthma

MDHHS data for this indicator:  Michigan Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

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