Michigan Asthma Indicators:
How Well Are We Controlling Asthma in Our State?

Michigan routinely monitors asthma-related data and statistics to examine health trends and determine the needs of Michigan residents with regard to asthma. The following Michigan Asthma Indicators have been selected for their timeliness and ability to help illustrate how well we are doing as a state in preventing and controlling the daily symptoms and impact of asthma.

As you explore the indicators in this series, you will find that each one includes interactive graphs and/or maps to illustrate the data, as well as:
  • a definition of what is being measured;
  • information about what the indicator measures and why the indicator is important;
  • links to State of Michigan programs related to the topic;
  • links to the data source(s) used in building the indicator;
  • a link to an accessible Microsoft Excel file that presents the data in a format designed especially for people who use screen reader software;
  • instructions for downloading and using the interactive indicator files in presentations;
  • an e-mail link to use when requesting more information about the data behind the indicator; and
  • a drop-down menu for navigating between indicator pages.