Audit Reporting

MDHHS contracts with provider agencies requiring that providers submit various audit reports, examination reports, or audit exemption notifications to MDHHS.  The requirements vary depending on the type of provider, the type of contract, and the amount and type of funding.  Explanations of the various requirements are provided in the Audit Requirements link.  Instructions for submitting required reports or notifications are included in the How to Report link.  Subrecipients exempt from audit report filing are required to provide MDHHS with a notice that certifies the exemption.  MDHHS will issue a management decision on findings and questioned costs contained in audit reports or examination reports.  Details regarding the management decision are provided in the Management Decision link.  MDHHS-issued Substance Use Disorder Services Program Audit Guidelines and Community Mental Health Compliance Examination Guidelines are available at the links provided below.

Audit Requirements

How to Report

Management Decision

2019 Substance Use Disorder Services Program Audit Guidelines (PDF)


Community Mental Health Compliance Examination Guidelines: 

2018 CMHSP Community Mental Health Compliance Examination Guidelines (PDF)

2018 PIHP Community Mental Health Compliance Examination Guidelines (PDF)

Audit Status Notification Letter/Audit Exemption Notice (MS Word version) 

Audit Status Notification Letter/Audit Exemption Notice (PDF version) 


FY 18 FSR Template (Excel)