How To Report

Contractors designated as subrecipients must submit either (1) a Single Audit reporting package, management letter (if issued) with a response, and Corrective Action Plan (if applicable); or (2) a Financial Statement Audit, and management letter (if issued) with a response; or (3) an Audit Status Notification Letter within nine months after the end of the Contractor's fiscal year.

PIHPs and CMHSPs must submit to the Department a Financial Statement Audit, a Compliance Examination Report, a Corrective Action Plan for any audit or examination findings that impact MDCH-funded programs, and management letter (if issued) with a response by June 30th following the contract year end. 

Report Submission 

Required audit materials or the Audit Status Notification Letter must be submitted by e-mail to MDCH at  The required materials must be assembled as one document in a PDF file compatible with Adobe Acrobat (read only).  The subject line must state the agency name and fiscal year end.  MDCH reserves the right to request a hard copy of the audit materials if for any reason the electronic submission process is not successful. 



Telephone:  517-241-7599