About Us

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is located in all 83 Michigan counties and provides a variety of services to the residents of Michigan via thirteen offices and departments.



MDHHS provides opportunities, services, and programs that promote a healthy, safe, and stable environment for residents to be self-sufficient.



Develop and encourage measurable health, safety, and self-sufficiency outcomes that reduce and prevent risks, promote equity, foster healthy habits, and transform the health and human services system to improve the lives of Michigan families.



In early July 2015, department leadership met to discuss the direction of MDHHS and collaborate on a new Strategic Plan for the department.  This plan lays out its mission, vision, values, and priority areas for the coming years.  Priority areas include Children, Adults, Family Support, Health Services Population Health and Workforce.  A list of Objectives was later added to the plan to further define the work being done in each area.  The Objectives were drafted by the Strategic Alignment Team, a workgroup made up of employees from each administration.