About Us

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services' mission is to protect, preserve, and promote the health and safety of the people of Michigan.

Our Organization 
Each year millions of Michigan residents receive services from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). We have an annual gross appropriation of billions of dollars, and over 3,000 employees.

We make a difference in people's lives through services that:  


BabyPromote health and wellness of families by working on disease, genomics, toxicology, environmental health, education, and public health preparedness

Provide mental health care to families, support for substance abuse and addiction, and operate the state's psychiatric hospitals

Preserve access to care and support health policy

Provide healthcare coverage for people with limited incomes through Medicaid

Our Culture 
We are all about people. Not only the people we serve, but our employees. Our dedicated staff promote wellness through education, outreach and the services we provide.

Our passion for the people we serve drives us to create innovative solutions that help accomplish our mission. Our best ideas come from our people. We value their ideas and recognize them for their contributions.

Every employee plays an important role in the success of our department. We embrace diversity and value each other's opinion, to better serve our customers.

As the MDHHS expands its team, we continue to look for compassionate employees who share our level of enthusiasm to deliver quality, health-related services.

Our History 
Over the years, the Department has gone through many changes and has accomplished a great deal. Since 1873, our goal has been the same, to educate and protect the health of the public and our community. Here are a few highlights:

 Year   Highlight 
 1873  The State Board of Health was established. 
 1909  The State Board of Health gained authority over water supply. 
 1921  The responsibility for the collection and compilation of vital statistic was transferred from the Secretary of State to the Michigan Department of Health. 
 1938  The Michigan Department of Health in Lansing & the Michigan Department of Health's Western Branch Laboratory developed the first successful whooping cough vaccine. 
 1950  The department became famous throughout the world for its work and manual on industrial ventilation. 
 1970  The anthrax vaccine was manufactured by the Michigan Department of Public Health. 
 1996  The MDCH was created by consolidating the Department of Public Health, the Department of Mental Health and the Medical Services Administration (the state's Medicaid agency). 
 1997  The Office of Drug Control Policy and the Office of Services to the Aging were consolidated with the MDCH. 
 2002  The Office of Public Health Preparedness & Response to Bioterrorism was created. 
 2006 The MDCH launched the Problem Gambling, Meth Awareness and Emergency Preparedness websites.
 2010  Smoke-Free Law takes effect May 1st. 

Our Future
The MDHHS will be the national leader in the design and implementation of health strategies that are culturally responsive and competent, customer-driven and community based.

Our team is dedicated to delivering quality health-related services to the people of Michigan by hiring the best talent, utilizing a diverse workforce, implementing innovative solutions and leveraging technology.