National Registry Examinations

In order to obtain a Michigan provider license, it is required to have passed the National Registry examinations at the level for which you are applying for. Once you obtain your Michigan license, renewing your National Registry status is optional.

DET Policy: AEMT / Paramedic NREMT Exams Updated: 10.2.19

  • Cognitive Exam 

  • Psychomotor Exam

    • General Information
    • NREMT Policy
    • 2020 NREMT Psychomotor Exam Schedule 
    • Application Process:
      • 1. Obtain PATT letter from NREMT.
      • 2. Create or login to existing Michigan eLicensing Portal account.
      • 3. Select the Applications tab on the left side of the screen. For mobile devices, select the Menu button first.
      • 4. Select National Registry Psychomotor Examination Reservation Application from the list.
      • 5. Click Apply Now.
      • 6. Read the directions carefully, making sure to select three different exam dates in order of preference.
      • 7. Monitor email for confirmation.
      • Once the roster for an exam has been submitted, there are absolutely no late additions.
      • Phone reservations will not be accepted.
      • NO FOOD OR DRINK will be allowed at the testing centers due to COVID-19 precautions.