EMS Personnel Non-Compliance Policy (6/7/12)

On April 1, 2006, Section 20173a(1) of the Public Health Code was enacted.  This section of the Public Health Code provides guidelines relevant to criminal convictions and individuals that are employed, independently contracted with, or granted clinical privileges and regularly have direct access to or provide direct services to patients or residents of a nursing home, county medical care facility, hospice, hospital that provides swing bed services, home for the aged, or home health agency. 

In June 2007, the Department of Community Health, EMS & Trauma Systems Section, first adopted a non-compliance policy that includes these guidelines from Section 20173a(1), but are not all inclusive.  These guidelines are relevant to individuals that are either applying for a license as emergency medical services personnel or are currently licensed.  They are intended to assist the department in making a determination to take enforcement action against an applicant or licensee, such as a denial, suspension, revocation, or monitoring.  Each case is reviewed on an individual basis and a determination will not be made until all facts are presented.

EMS Personnel Non-Compliance Policy 6/7/12
Section 20173a(1) of the Public Health Code