Pre-Hospital Pediatric Champions

Pre-Hospital Pediatric Champions


The intent of designating and developing the role of a PECC is to ensure that there is a dedicated individual(s) identified at the local EMS agency that represents pediatric interest. An agency does not have to have a single person performing the functions of a PECC. The responsibilities can be fulfilled by two or more people (such as the medical director, EMS chief, training officer, or other pre-hospital professional). Additionally, there could be a region-wide individual(s) that performs the responsibilities as a PECC for EMS agencies within a region.

Pediatric Champion role:

This is an individual who is responsible for coordinating pediatric specific activities. A designated individual(s) who coordinates pediatric emergency care need not be dedicated solely to this role; it can be an indiviual(s) already in place who assumes this role as part of their existing duties. The individual(s) may be a member of your agency, or work at a county or regional level and serve more than one agency. Increase awareness of pediatric readiness in the facility and promote education on pediatric emergency care.

"Pediatric Readiness is the day-to-day capability of an agency to meet the immediate needs of an ill or injured child."

*Pediatric Champions are also known as Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators (PECCs)


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