Public Health Week Promotes Preparedness: MDCH Launches Emergency Preparedness Day

Contact: T.J. Bucholz (517) 241-2112
Agency: Community Health

April 8, 2005

As part of National Public Health Week, the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) is promoting awareness of a different public health issue each day this week. Today's information focuses on the importance public health preparedness.

Public Health Preparedness Day highlights the significance of emergency preparedness and the resources available in Michigan. The Office of Public Health Preparedness (OPHP) focuses on minimizing the threat to health from terrorist acts, accidents and other incidents. OPHP collaborates with local, state and federal authorities to stay ahead of forces that threaten the health of Michigan citizens.

"Families in Michigan must be prepared for all types of disasters: winter blizzards, severe storms, tornados and power outages," said Janet Olszewski, MDCH Director. "We must also be prepared for a public health emergency. Begin learning about these threats  so you are better prepared to react and stay safe."

Information on emergency events and how to create your own personal emergency plan can be found by visiting the Office of Public Health Preparedness (OPHP) at

"Discuss with your family the types of disasters most likely to happen and what each family member should do," said Dr. Kimberlydawn Wisdom, Michigan Surgeon General. "Ask your employer, school and daycare facility whether they have developed emergency plans. Be prepared - be safe."

For more information on emergency preparedness, please visit,,,, or

National Public Health Week 2005 is about empowering Americans to live stronger, longer. Each day will focus and promote awareness of a different public health related issue. Informational events as well as free health assessments will be taking place across the state throughout the week.