Adolescent Health Center Funding Continued Until February

December 13, 2001

Michigan Department of Community Health Director James K. Haveman, Jr. and Michigan Budget Director Don Gilmer, today announced that state funding for the operation of adolescent health centers has been continued until February 1, 2002.

"We know these adolescent health centers are located in schools with a high number of children eligible for health care coverage through either the Medicaid or MIChild programs," said Haveman. "Therefore, reimbursement for services delivered is available through those programs if the adolescent health centers would properly bill for them."

"We are pleased to continue funding the adolescent health centers until February so the centers can further explore alternative funding sources and obtain the training needed to properly bill the Medicaid and MIChild programs for services," said Gilmer.

The Michigan Department of Community Health will be offering a training in Lansing on Thursday, December 20, to again educate the adolescent health centers on how to properly bill health plans for the services they deliver. Since Department of Community Health policy requires health plans to pay if a school clinic properly bills them, there should be no reason why the adolescent health centers would choose not bill health plans.

The Medicaid and MIChild programs provide free or low-cost health insurance to children in need. The Department of Community Health has provided information on how to enroll in the Medicaid and MIChild programs to schools throughout the state. Parents seeking additional information on Medicaid or MIChild are encouraged to call toll-free 1-888-988-6300.