Michigan Department of Community Health Launches Twitter Page

Contact: James McCurtis Jr. (517) 241-2112
Agency: Community Health

August 12, 2009

The Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) has launched a page on the global social networking site, Twitter. The MDCH Twitter page is a way for the department to relay up-to-the-minute health information to the public. The page will be updated regularly with health and department-related information in the form of what are known as 'Tweets'.

Anyone who is a member of Twitter can join the MDCH Twitter page as a "follower" at www.twitter.com/MIHealth. Those who do not have a Twitter account can still view the MDCH Twitter page, but you will need to join Twitter to interact.

Becoming an MDCH follower on Twitter will allow you to receive what are known as 'Tweets' which will contain useful messages, important releases, helpful links, and timely updates in 140-characters or less. These ‘Tweets' can be accessed through email, your own personal Twitter account, and your phone if you have internet access. This will allow Michigan residents to receive updates from MDCH at their own convenience no matter where they are instantly.

The MDCH Twitter page will not only be a place for people to visit to get useful health information, but it also will be a place where those who follow MDCH on Twitter can actually communicate with the department. Followers can send Tweets to the department with any question, comment, or concern they may have and the department will have the ability to see these Tweets immediately and respond in kind.

Social media and networks are the newest innovation in communication among people all over the world and no network is growing as rapidly as Twitter. With its ease of use, ability to convey a wealth of information in concise messages, and its availability to nearly every citizen, MDCH hopes to utilize all that Twitter has to offer the department and its followers to create a strong line of communication regarding the health of Michigan and its citizens.

To view or sign up for the MDCH Twitter page, visit www.twitter.com/MiHealth.