MDCH Invites Public to Comment on Title V Block Grant Application

Contact: Angela Minicuci 517-241-2112

For Immediate Release: July 3, 2014

LANSING, Mich. – The Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) is inviting the public to comment on the Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant application. MDCH annually opens the application up for comment and then submits it to the U. S, Department of Health and Human Services for funding of services for pregnant women, mothers, children, and children with special health care needs.

The application includes the identification of ten state priorities, a plan for services for the period October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015, and a report about services provided in 2013. The ten priorities identified for 2011-2016 are:

  • Increase the proportion of intended pregnancies
  • Increase the proportion of the Children’s Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) population that has access to a medical home and integrated care planning
  • Reduce obesity in children, including children with special health care needs, and women of child-bearing age
  • Address environmental issues (asthma, lead poisoning, and second-hand smoke) affecting children, youth and pregnant women
  • Reduce African American and Native American infant mortality rates
  • Decrease the rate of sexually transmitted diseases among youth 15-24 years of age
  • Reduce intimate partner and sexual violence Increase access to early intervention and developmental screening within the context of a medical home for children
  • Increase access to dental care for pregnant women and children, including children with special health care needs
  • Reduce discrimination in health care services in publicly-funded programs

Title V of the Social Security Act of 1935, as amended, provides funding to states to improve the health of mothers and children and requires that each state conducts a needs assessment every five years. A summary document and the complete draft application can be viewed on MDCH’s website at:,4612,7-132-2942-331594--,00.html.

MDCH welcomes comments on all aspects of the application. Comments should be submitted no later than July 14, 2014, to

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