Long Term Care Service Information now Available Online

October 28, 2002

The State of Michigan has launched a new online service at www.michigan.gov/ltc that will help citizens needing long-term care determine which setting is best for them.  By simply providing a Zip Code online, individuals will be linked to long-term care providers in their community.

“Long term care services are extremely important to people of all ages in Michigan,” said James K. Haveman, Jr., Director of the Department of Community Health.   “Whether it’s a senior citizen or a person with a disability or a loved one serving as a caregiver, people can find needed long term care information on this new website.  Long term care includes health care and supportive services for tasks of every day living including medical, social, personal care, housekeeping, chores services and transportation.”

The Department of Community Health, the Department of Information Technology and the Office of Services to the Aging developed Michigan’s new long-term care self-assessment tool. Haveman thanked Department of Information Technology Director Jacque Passino and Office of Services to the Aging Director Lynn Alexander for their cooperation in making this site a success.

“To our knowledge, this self-assessment tool is one of a kind and a solution to the high demand for this type of information,” said Haveman. “Offering Michigan simple and convenient services that meet our citizens’ needs is a clear priority for Governor Engler.

“Online services such as these are an example of how technology can improve the way Michigan serves its citizens–by delivering services quickly and efficiently, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” said Passino.

"Long term care insurance is working to help many Michigan citizens cover nursing home and in-home care costs,” said Alexander. “This discreet online approach will not only make it easier to access the information necessary to plan ahead for a loved one's care, but to also make immediate care decisions."

The self-assessment tool is available by going on the Internet to the state’s Long Term Care Portal (http://www.michigan.gov/ltc) and clicking on the Spotlight link, which takes visitors directly to the self-assessment tool.  As the self-assessment tool is intended to assess a person’s ability to function independently in the community, individuals are asked a series of 29 questions in the assessment.

Upon completion, individuals completing the self-assessment will be provided with personal information about their ability to perform activities of daily living.  These activities include:

-- Specific activities they are having difficulty with as well as the level of difficulty.
-- Help in finding the kinds of services that might be helpful in performing daily activities.
-- Local providers that may provide these services.

Upon completion of the self-assessment, applicants will have the choice of seeing the results and leave site with no information stored; print options and leave site with no information stored; or they can choose to continue to use the website to request more information on moving forward with long term care services.