Michigan Anti-Tobacco Programs to be Highlighted at National Conference

October 30, 2002
Four of Michigan’s best-practice projects have been chosen for presentation at the nation’s largest tobacco control conference, Michigan Department of Community Health Director James K. Haveman, Jr. today announced.

“This is the most prestigious conference on tobacco issues in the country,” Haveman said.  “We were encouraged by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to submit our programs to the competitive selection process.  Having four of our projects chosen demonstrates Michigan’s commitment, efforts, and success in tobacco control.”  The annual National Conference on Tobacco or Health attracts thousands of health professionals each year.  It is scheduled for November 18 – 21 in San Francisco.

The programs were selected for their unique approach.  One, the smoke-free policy collaborative, is viewed as a potential national model.  The programs include:
· Michigan Smoke-Free Policy Technical Assistance Collaborative
A core group of state level organizations and agencies formed to support the development of local smoke-free air policy initiatives.  The group conducts a community needs assessment and provides tools, information, technical assistance, and guidance to mobilize and assist localities at all levels of the smoke-free air policy process. 

· Michigan Association of Health Plans Smoking Cessation and Managed Care Initiative
A statewide initiative and collaborative to increase the number of managed care programs covering tobacco treatment services to clients, including counseling and nicotine and non-nicotine therapies. 

· Michigan Smoke-Free Homes Campaign
Developed by the Detroit Clean Indoor Air Network and the Department, the campaign encourages families to make a commitment to keep their homes and cars smoke-free by signing a pledge card.  Due to the response the campaign has been expanded to other Michigan cities, including Flint and Grand Rapids.  The Department has also developed a multi-lingual smoke-free homes brochure and pledge card for Michigan’s diverse communities.  The campaign has been expanded to ethnic populations across the state, including African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Arab, Chaldean, and Native American. 

· Michigan Tobacco-Free College Initiative
A statewide initiative to increase the number of tobacco-free policies on Michigan university and college campuses, increase the availability of on-campus cessation services, and reduce tobacco use rates among college students.