Student Government

The Michigan Career and Technical Institute (MCTI) has a strong student government system composed of three distinct branches: Student Council, Hall Government, and Student Court. Student government at MCTI has a rich history of promoting student empowerment, self determination, and good citizenship.

Student Council

Student Council is officiated by a president, vice president, and treasurer and Administrative Assistant and composed of representatives from each training area. The Council concerns itself with issues related to student activities and issues through appointed committees. These include Educational, Food, and other long- or short-term project oriented committees as needed.

The purpose of the Council is to represent and act in the best interests of the entire student body. The Council also promotes and brings about through its actions a healthy and beneficial environment in which MCTI students can attend school, live, and participate in after-school activities.

The Student Council may assist the school administration by submitting proposals and providing feedback on students' opinions and reactions. The Council sponsors approved activities for the benefit and welfare of the entire student body. These activities include/concern but are not limited to: parties, assemblies, vending machines, laundry facilities, recreation equipment, and supplies.

Hall Senate

Hall Senate is organized through the dormitory. Each floor has a president, vice president, and hall judge. Hall Senate enables students to govern themselves and solve dormitory-related problems, issues, or policy violations, generally without staff intervention. This self-government allows students the opportunity to develop self-sufficiency and pride in dealing with situations, not only on a day-to-day basis at MCTI, but throughout life once students return to the community.

Hall Senate is also actively involved in a variety of fund raising, volunteering, and service projects, often in collaboration with Student Council, which directly benefit the students at MCTI and the community.

Student Court

Student Court is the judicial branch of Student Government that hears all cases presented by students concerning disputes and violations of student policies.

Student Court is comprised of five to seven student court judges elected by the MCTI Student Council body. Student Court meets twice a week to hear complaints from MCTI students. The Court tries to resolve these and, if needed, hands out punishment to students who violate minor school rules. Punishments are hours of community service to either the dormitory or the Leisure Services Department.

The purpose of Student Court is to help students rule themselves by handling minor infractions of school rules through Student Court write-up forms. A staff advisor is present at each session for advice, guidance, and suggestions.