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Michigan PRAMS Reports

MI PRAMS Annual Tables

The PRAMS annual reports highlight key health risk behaviors, health indicators, and diseases in Michigan.

2017 Birth Year: Michigan PRAMS Maternal and Infant Health Summary Tables
2016 Birth Year: Michigan PRAMS Maternal and Infant Health Summary Tables
2016 Michigan PRAMS - New Topics Tables
2015 Michigan PRAMS Tables
2014 Michigan PRAMS Tables
2013 Michigan PRAMS Tables
2012 Michigan PRAMS Tables

MI PRAMS Regional Tables and Reports

These tables and reports focus on selected health risk behaviors and health indicators at the sub-state level.

2012-2014 Regional PRAMS Maternal Mental Health Tables
2012-2014 Regional PRAMS Perinatal Alcohol and Tobacco Use Tables

MI PRAMS Newsletters

These reports highlight topical data from Michigan PRAMS.

A Michigan PRAMS Brief for Programs and Providers: Pregnancy and Physical Abuse 
A Michigan PRAMS Brief for Programs and Providers: Pregnancy-related Depression 
A Michigan PRAMS Brief for Programs and Providers: Pregnancy and Smoking
Michigan PRAMS Delivery: Family History of Breast and Ovarian Cancer

2017 and prior
Infant Safe Sleep Report, MI Native American PRAMS 2012
Oral Health During Pregnancy, MI PRAMS 2004-2008
Preconception Health, MI PRAMS 2009
Daily Multivitamin Use Before Pregnancy, MI PRAMS 2007-2009
Infant Safe Sleep, MI PRAMS 2001-2008  
Breastfeeding Initiation and Three Month Exclusive Duration, MI PRAMS 2004-2008  
Life Stressors and Smoking Status During Pregnancy, MI PRAMS 2008  

MI PRAMS Presentations

The following selected presentations and posters provide short summaries of key MI PRAMS findings.



Safe Sleep Practices Over Time in Michigan: Is Anything Changing (Safe Sleep Grantee Meeting)


Breastfeeding Updates from MI PRAMS: Initiation, Duration, Reasons for Stopping, and Why Mothers Never Started (Northern Michigan Perinatal Collaborative Meeting)
Regional Reweighting of Michigan PRAMS Data: Method and Applications (National PRAMS Conference)
A Population Level Look at Home Visiting: Findings from Michigan PRAMS (Michigan Home Visiting Conference) 
Unintended Pregnancy, Contraceptive Practices, and Interpregnancy Interval: Updates from Michigan PRAMS (Family Planning Advisory Council Meeting)


Content of Prenatal Care Discussions in Michigan: Successes and Missed Opportunities (Sparrow Hospital OB-GYN Grand Rounds) 
Physical Abuse Before and During Pregnancy: MI PRAMS 2012-2014 (MPHA Epidemiology Conference)



Beyond Adequacy of Prenatal Care: Completedness of Prenatal Care Discussions and Opportunities for Intervention: Findings from Michigan PRAMS, 2012-2015 (National PRAMS Conference) 
Throwing in Everything but the Kitchen Sink: Does Combining the Treatments of Multiple Single Variable Operational Experiments Result in Additive or Synergistic Changes in Response Rates to Michigan PRAMS? (National PRAMS Conference)  
Perinatal Oral Health Practices Among Mothers of Native American Infants: Findings from the Michigan PRAMS Prosperity Region Analysis (National Oral Health Conference)


Local-level Disparities in Maternal and Child Health: Findings from the Michigan PRAMS Prosperity Region Analysis (Michigan Premier Public Health Conference) 
Maternal Depression in Michigan's Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitorin System (PRAMS) 2012-2014 (MPHA Epidemiology Conference) 
Maternity Leave and Breastfeeding Rates, Michigan PRAMS 2012-2014 (MPHA Epidemiology Conference)

2016 and prior

Emotional Reactions to Racism and Postpartum Depression: Results from MI PRAMS, 2009-2010
Preconception Dieting and Multivitamin Use: Results from Michigan PRAMS, 2009

MI PRAMS Survey Documents

§   Phase 8 Survey (2016-2022) 

§   Phase 7 Survey (2012-2015) 
 Phase 6 Survey (2009-2011) 
§   Phase 5 Survey (2004-2008)  

MI PRAMS Topic Map

Need help finding relevant questions by topic or survey year? Try the MI PRAMS Topic Map.

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