MI PRAMS Data Requests

Several options are available for the public, health professionals, and researchers to explore PRAMS data.

CDC PRAMS Data Portal

The CDC PRAMS data portal allows you to access, visualize, and download summary statistics for many PRAMS variabPRAMS Report Coverles for Michigan, other states with a PRAMS research project, and all participating PRAMS states combined.

Years available: 2000-2011

Selected PRAMS Maternal and Child Health Indicators

Download and view selected summary statistics for core questions by participating PRAMS states.

Years available: 2012-2015

Michigan PRAMS Annual Tables     

Download and view summary tables for core questions and state-specific questions for Michigan. For some questions, statistics by socio-economic characteristics are available.

Years available: 2012-2017

PRAMS data is available by request/approval to conduct original research and analysis. To discuss accessing limited PRAMS dataset, please contact MI PRAMS using the information below.

Couldn't find what you were looking for?
You can contact the MI PRAMS Project Coordinator, Pete Haak, and he can help you with any additional PRAMS data requests. He can be contacted by phone at 517-335-9509 or by email at haakp@michigan.gov.


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