Michigan Model for Health Elementary Support Materials


The Michigan Model for Health™ is a skills-based curriculum filled with activities for classroom participation. To complete these activities, a variety of materials are used.

All materials distributed by the MMHC are available ala carte, but in response to customer requests, most are also offered in kit form.

Elementary materials used at each grade include such items as:

  • Attractive Full-Color Laminated Posters

  • Colorful Bulletin Board Sets

  • Game and Activity Card Sets

  • Informational Pamphlets

  • Books

  • Models

  • DVD Format Videos

Elementary Level Kits (K-6) contain all "core" materials used at a specific grade level except the video titles.

Due to the cost of videos, and the ease with which multiple teachers can share one DVD, the video titles are sold separately to help schools control costs.*

"Core" materials are those items used to meet the learning objectives of the lesson in the activities that are fundamental to the lesson. Extension ideas and suggested materials are not included in the kits as the lessons can be taught without them.

*There are other ideas to control materials costs by sharing materials amongst multiple teachers. Assistance with this is provided by the MMHC at 1-888-517-6195.

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