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The Michigan Model for HealthTM includes a variety of instructional methods to help teachers build knowledge, skills and healthy behaviors in students. One of these methods includes viewing and discussing, or executing activities based on a video or DVD. The live action of video can be very engaging to young audiences but the availability of quality video productions that both address the content and do so in an age-appropriate and classroom-appropriate manner is not great. After extensive media searches, some content areas are limited to productions that, while the content and information are still accurate, the clothing, hairstyles and automobiles are dated. 

Have You Seen Something Better?  Please Tell Us About It.

The following is a list of the criteria used in the selection of video/media materials for inclusion in the Michigan Model for HealthTM lessons. If you encounter a current release of a media production, that you believe would be a suitable update to a video now used in the curriculum, or one that might be included in a different grade level still in development, we encourage you to share the title, producer and/or distributor with us. Email your suggestions to Jessica Shaffer at shafferj3@michigan.gov and they will be shared with the current Michigan Model for HealthTM Materials Committee. Your suggested titles will be greatly appreciated.

  • Licensed for public setting. Videos released for home viewing are often not licensed to be presented in public venues, including classrooms. 


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