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What is the Michigan Hearing and Vision Screening Program?

  • This State mandated program provides hearing and vision screening services FREE of charge to all Michigan children.  It is managed by MDHHS, executed by Local Health Departments, and successful in large part due to the collaboration with local preschools and schools.
  • The Hearing and Vision programs were first legislated in 1949.
  • Over 1 million children are screened each year with more than 88,000 referrals to either physicians or eye care professionals for follow-up care related to hearing and vision issues.
  • The average cost to the State is approximately $5.00 per child.
  • Both programs are carefully standardized so each child screened receives consistent screening, referral, and follow-up services.

Our Commitment to Michigan's Children

  • The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and your Local Health Department are committed to screening all Michigan children for hearing and vision to ensure they have the skills necessary to successfully learn and succeed in school.
  • All children enrolled in formal school programs receive screenings beginning in preschool.
  • If your child is not enrolled in a formal school setting, they can receive free screenings at your Local Health Department by appointment.
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three smiling children  

Celebrating 60 Years: Hearing Laughter & Seeing Smiles from Michigan's Children

On September 14-16, 2009, approximately 200 Hearing and Vision Coordinators and Technicians gathered in Thompsonville, Michigan at the Crystal Mountain Resort for a Hearing and Vision conference, "Celebrating 60 Years:  Hearing Laughter and Seeing Smiles from Michigan's Children."

The Hearing and Vision Screening Program has been legislated since 1949 and provided services to over 50 million children in Michigan since its inception.  Currently, over 1 million hearing and vision screenings are conducted each year.

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vision technicians giving school children the massachusetts vision test

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