COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Guidance and Educational Resources

This webpage will house materials to support COVID-19 Vaccine Providers in successful implementation of the COVID-19 Vaccination Program. Be sure to "bookmark" this page and check back frequently for updates!





  • COVID-19 Vaccine Redistribution Infographic
  • CDC Supplemental Redistribution Agreement
    • Redistribution: Before a site can redistribute COVID-19 vaccine to another location, both the redistributing site and the recipient site(s) MUST be enrolled as COVID-19 Vaccine Providers with MCIR outbreak inventories activated. The site conducting the redistribution must sign, submit, and comply with the CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Redistribution Agreement above.
      • For inventory support on redistribution, see "MCIR Inventory" section below.

Vaccine Recommendations

Vaccine Billing and Vaccine Codes

COVID-19 providers agree to administer vaccine regardless of an individual’s ability to pay and regardless of their coverage status, and may not seek any reimbursement, including through balance billing, from a vaccine recipient. 

Patient Education & Adverse Event Reporting

  • EUA Fact Sheet​
    • See "Product-Specific Materials" section for appropriate EUA fact sheets that must be provided to each vaccine recipient/caregiver.
    • Questions about EUAs? Review COVID-19 Vaccine EUA FAQs
  • Vaccination Record Cards
    • ​Providers must provide a COVID-19 vaccination record card to each vaccine recipient/parent/legal guardian. These will be included in ancillary kits shipped to provider offices. Complete these cards accurately, including second dose due date, and give to each patient.
    • Vaccination Record Card PDF (if extra is needed beyond that supplied in ancillary kit)
  • v-safe
    • v-safe is a new smartphone-based tool that uses text messaging and web surveys to provide health check-ins after a person receives a COVID-19 vaccination. It also reminds patients of any needed second vaccine dose.
    • Provide a v-safe information sheet to patients at the time of vaccination and encourage them to enroll and fill out the surveys when prompted to do so. 
    • A v-safe poster is also available to promote the program.

Product-Specific Information

Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Materials

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Materials

Johnson & Johnson/Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine Materials - NEW

Storage & Handling (S&H)

Vaccine Administration

MCIR​ Inventory, Dose Documentation


After enrolling as a COVID-19 Vaccine Provider, providers will be registered to enroll in VaccineFinder. This onboarding is occuring in phases. Regardless of documentation in the MCIR, providers must report their on-hand COVID-19 vaccine inventory to VaccineFinder every day. An email with instructions for onboarding will be sent to the provider's "organizational email" entered in the provider enrollment form.

  • VaccineFinder Provider Support Website 
    • Includes the tip sheets above PLUS video trainings for inventory reporting.
  • VaccineFinder COVID Locating Health
    • The above website is for providers to submit daily reporting, once your account is created.
  • Contact Information for VaccineFinder Provider Support
    • Please contact:
      • for registration / email change help and for general COVID VaccineFinder inquiries, or
      • for technical assistance with account log-in problems, password resets, file upload errors, etc.

Communication Resources

  • MDHHS: Frequently Asked Questions for the Public 
  • CDC: COVID-19 Vaccines Website
  • CDC: COVID-19 Vaccination Communication Toolkit 
    • A guide for building vaccine confidence within health systems, medical offices and clinics
    • Turn-key slide decks for healthcare personnel with information about COVID-19 vaccines, tips for building vaccine confidence, and tips for having effective vaccine conversations with patients
    • Posters, fact sheets, FAQs, and social media
    • Printable buttons/stickers for staff to wear once they’ve gotten their vaccine
    • A video describing how ACIP makes recommendations and advises CDC on the use of vaccines

Contacts for Support