VFC Resource Book

Welcome to the Resource Book for Michigan’s Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program. All documents were updated with an effective date of 9/1/17. Documents updated after 9/1/2017 have a revision date noted.

This site includes information you need to enroll and participate in Michigan’s VFC Program. Michigan providers have been participating in the VFC Program since 1995. The success of the VFC Program is built upon the cooperation, collaboration, and participation of many agencies. Your active participation in the VFC Program is vital to increasing Michigan’s childhood immunization rates and ensuring that all children are protected against vaccine-preventable diseases. Thank you for your commitment to a healthier Michigan!

Click on any link below to learn more about Michigan’s VFC Program, including the guidelines and responsibilities required of all VFC providers.

VFC Program Overview

VFC Enrollments & Site Visits

Vaccine Storage

Temperature Logs

Vaccine Administration

Vaccine Ordering

Vaccine Losses & Accountability

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