VFC Resource Guide

This website highlights Michigan’s VFC Program as well as additional Michigan public vaccine programs such as the Universal Hepatitis B Vaccine Program, the Michigan Adult Vaccine Program (MI-AVP), and the High-Risk Hepatitis A&B Vaccine Program.

Featured below is the new Michigan VFC Provider Manual. All VFC and/or additional public vaccine providers must save or “bookmark” this website and the website page directly to the VFC Provider Manual. There are also several templates and tip sheets below to support in successfully completing various VFC tasks. If you have questions, please contact your local health department: www.Michigan.gov/LHDmap.

Your active participation in the VFC Program is vital to increasing immunization rates and ensuring all children are protected against vaccine-preventable diseases. Thank you for your commitment to a healthier Michigan!

Note: Documents revised within the last two months have a revision date in bolded red font.

NEW! Visit our new website dedicated to resources for vaccinating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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