Fall 2020 Immunization Post-Conference Materials

Thank you for attending our Annual Fall Immunization Conference!

Below you can find our post-conference information and "virtual packet" materials for conference attendees. These educational materials align with topics addressed during the conference as well as other recently updated immunization materials to support education for providers as well as the public.

You can also locate continuing education information and the presentation slides below - Please note, the slides will be posted for 4 weeks. Slides will be available until COB Friday, November 20th.


Looking for the main conference website (registration information, conference flyer, etc.)? If so, the main conference website is available here.


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Catch-up Vaccination

MDHHS Vaccines During COVID-19 Website: www.michigan.gov/vaccinesduringcovid

  • MDHHS Division of Immunization launched this website to serve as a landing page to support immunizing providers with resources that address vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic, including newly developed documents from the division. Please consider sharing our communication materials across various platforms to voice the importance of vaccines during this time and getting caught up on missed doses.

Vaccines.gov Catch-up Toolkit: www.vaccines.gov/catch-up

  • This website provides messages and graphics to help spread awareness about catching up on childhood immunizations during the COVID-19 pandemic

CDC Catch-up Guidance: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/schedules/hcp/imz/catchup.html

  • Catch-up immunization schedule for persons aged 4 months–18 years who start late or are more than 1 month behind
  • This website also features various catch-up guidance job aids to assist healthcare providers

*MDHHS Poster – Missed a Well Child Visit? Don’t Lose Your Superpowers

Influenza Vaccine & COVID-19 Resources

CDC Poster - Healthcare Professional Flu Vaccination “I won’t spread flu”

NFID Infographic - Flu and COVID-19: #StopTheSpread

IAC “Communicating the Benefits of Seasonal Influenza Vaccine during COVID-19”

*MDHHS Poster - Flu & Tdap During Pregnancy