Michigan BioTrust for Health - Advisory Boards

Four different advisory and review boards oversee BioTrust policies and operations. Board members represent the major state universities, research institutions, disease and advocacy organizations, community groups and the general public.  

(1) A  Community Values Advisory Board (CVAB) provides guidance on ethical issues including what types of research are, or are not, acceptable uses of the dried blood spots.  The Community Values Advisory Board also provides advice on educational methods and materials for engaging and informing the public about the BioTrust. Minutes from CVAB meetings are available upon request by emailing biotrust@michigan.gov or by calling 1-866-673-9939 (toll free).

2018 meeting dates are TBD and will be posted as soon as they are scheduled.

(2) A Scientific Advisory Board evaluates specific research studies for scientific merit and methods, using guidelines developed by the CVAB.  

(3) The MDHHS Institutional Review Board  (IRB) reviews and approves all proposals to assure protection of human subjects before any samples are released to a researcher. An IRB is a committee that approves, monitors, and reviews biomedical and behavioral research involving human subjects to protect their rights and welfare. All institutions that perform research involving human subjects are required to have an IRB. 

(4) A Board of Directors oversees operations of the Michigan Neonatal Biobank as a non-profit organization. 

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Updated 1-25-2018