Telehealth Enhances Healthcare Delivery

  • Telehealth encompasses a broad variety of technologies to deliver virtual medical, health, and education services to enhance the delivery of healthcare, public health, and health education. From emergency department and acute care to chronic care management and access to specialists, telehealth is changing the way healthcare is provided – both expanding access to routine and specialty care while improving patient satisfaction and outcomes.

    MDHHS is committed to the use and expansion of telehealth across the State to continue to improve the health and well-being of our youth.

  • In Michigan we are experiencing a growing interest, collaboration, and use of telehealth practices. No longer is geographic location an obstacle to providing excellence in health care.

    In particular, MDHHS has supported the School Telehealth Model, a truly collaborative model utilizing video conferencing technology to connect school nurses and students with off-site medical providers for the diagnosis and treatment of common medical conditions. Through this innovative telehealth collaboration, students can receive effective care more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before – in the convenience of their own school nurse’s office.

    Nationally, telehealth is being embraced by leading hospital systems and primary care groups, mental health and substance abuse clinics, and other outpatient program providers, community-based centers and schools. Focused on overcoming the barriers, health professionals are committed to delivering telehealth services that will aid in improving health by providing underserved populations with critical, effective, time- and cost-saving access to quality health care.