Family Preservation Program

  • Our Family Preservation Program provides support programs to families involved with Children's Protective Services. We operate on an annual budget of approximately $56 million, most of which is for contracted services, training and collaborative initiatives. We are the lead for:

    State and Local Collaboration 

    The Family Preservation Program participates in a state interagency committee with collaborative partnerships at the local and state level, with a mission to remove barriers to effective service delivery for children and families. Collaborative initiatives led by the Family Preservation Program include:

    • Child Well-Being Program, a home visiting program for families whose cases have been closed to cash assistance due to noncompliance with work requirements;
    • Partnerships for Safety, a strategy to re-train CPS workers and supervisors in strength-based, solution-focused interview skills to reduce referrals to CPS; and
    • Partnership with Michigan's Indian tribes and the Office of Native American Affairs to train child welfare staff on the Indian Child Welfare Law which will enhance kinship placements and reduce other foster care placements.

    We will be involved in efforts to use redirected state foster care dollars to reduce residential and institutional care for abused and neglected children by enhancing and expanding the WrapAround process. All contracts and programs have expected and measurable program outcomes.