Adult Community Placement

This program provides assistance to individuals and families in locating and selecting licensed community care facilities for people who can no longer live independently. Licensed care settings include Adult Foster Care (AFC) facilities, Homes for the Aged (HA) and nursing care facilities. Program staff also are responsible for assuring that a monthly personal care/supplemental payment is made to enrolled AFC and HA providers for all Medicaid eligible resident in those facilities.


Program Quality Indicators

  • assuring access to licensed care
  • assuring decent, safe, and sanitary living conditions and nutritious meals for residents
  • assuring residents have access to meaningful activities and are treated with dignity and respect
  • conducting pre-placement assessments followed by movement to a facility of the individual's choice.


Choosing an Adult Foster Care Home


There are many types of Adult Foster Care Homes.  Before making a decision, it is strongly recommended you visit the home, talk with the residents, consider the neighborhood and question the provider.  Additional help in the selection process is available from your local office, the DHS Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing, Community Mental Health Board, Michigan Department of Community Health, Michigan Rehabilitation Service, Citizens for Better Care, and/or the local Office on Aging. It is important for you to clearly understand the services provided and cost of those services. The Michigan Department of Human Services, Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing, licenses and regulates adult foster care homes.