What should I think about before I decide to release information from my health care records if I have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking?

  • How may sharing information help me? What might happen if I don’t share this information?
  • Will sharing help the person I’m afraid of to locate me?  What might happen if that person locates me?
  • Will the person I’m afraid of find out that I’ve talked with someone about abuse? What might happen if that person finds out?
  • Will the person I’m afraid of get access to the information I shared? How might that person use this information to hurt me?
  • Who will receive the information I share? How that person will use it? Will that person keep it confidential? With whom might that person share it? Where/how it might be stored?
  • If I share this information, will I have trouble keeping other information about my health care confidential in the future? 
  • Could knowledge of my health care needs or history bias others in their interactions with me?