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    • Director: Elizabeth Hertel



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    •  Hours: Monday - Friday,
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State Hospitals Administration

  • The State Hospital Administration provides evidence supported, person centered inpatient care to individuals in an environment that values compassion and collaboration with the goal of reintegration into their community.
    • Director: Dr. George Mellos

Health and Aging Services

  • The Health and Aging Services Administration coordinates all services for Michigan's aging and adult population so that residents can receive the services they need to maintain their independence and live a healthier and higher quality life.
    • Director: Katherine Massey

Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities

  • The Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Administration provides services to people who have specialty services or support needs related to mental illness, developmental disability, substance use disorders and children with serious emotional disturbance. Under contracts with MDHHS, the direct delivery of almost all publicly funded mental health services in Michigan occurs through a system of 46 county-based Community Mental Health Services programs.
    • Director: Allen Jansen

Strategic Integration Administration

  • The Strategic Integration Administration (SIA) is the MDHHS IT and Project Management Administration. SIA provides services to support MDHHS program areas with a business-driven implementation of new technology and non-technology initiatives.
    • Director: Sudhakar Ramaswamy

Children's Services

  • The Children's Services Agency supports our children, youth and families by partnering with them to help them reach their full potential and ensure their safety, permanency and well-being. If you suspect abuse or neglect, call 855-444-3911 any time day or night. This toll-free phone number allows you to report abuse or neglect of any child or adult.
    • Director: Demetrius Starling


  • This division encompasses the communications and marketing programs for the department and manages relationships with the statewide business community, not-for-profit organizations, governmental entities, universities and other stakeholder groups crucial to the department. In addition, it serves as liaison with major partners to blend cultures and opportunities for new endeavors, policy development, research and joint ventures.
    • Director: Laura Blodgett

Field Operations

  • Field Operations Administration (FOA) is dedicated to providing organizational support and leadership to front line workers serving the citizens of Michigan. To develop and strengthen the success of indigent citizens, FOA provides the best available guidance in process, policy, training, technology and leadership to MDHHS payment staff. FOA is committed to providing excellent customer service in a manner that respects the diversity and dignity of all state citizens in need, and those who work within MDHHS as advocates, servant leaders and direct service providers..
    • Director: Terrence Beurer

Financial Operations

  • Financial Operations oversees budgeting, purchasing, accounting, audit and organizational services for MDHHS.
    • Director: Farah Hanley

Human Resources

  • The MDHHS Office of Human Resources provides services to effectively recruit, develop, and retain a work force that will carry out the MDHHS mission.
    • Director: Mike DeRose

Inspector General

  • The Inspector General Administration is a criminal justice agency established in 1972 and expanded in 2015 via Executive Order No. 2015-4 as an independent and autonomous entity within MDHHS. The administration assists MDHHS in maintaining integrity and accountability in the administration of its programs. The Inspector General's mission is to prevent, detect, investigate and recover program fraud, waste and abuse in MDHHS.
    • Director: Alan Kimichik

Legal Affairs

Medical Services

  • The Medical Services Administration administers the Medicaid program, providing health care services to eligible Michigan residents. Those include families enrolled in the Family Independence Program, other low-income families, Supplemental Security Income recipients, pregnant women, children, elderly, disabled, blind and the medically needy, who except for income, would qualify for regular Medicaid. It also administers many other programs including the Healthy Michigan Plan and MIChild, which serves children whose families have incomes up to twice the federal poverty level.
    • Director: Katherine Massey

Policy, Planning and Operational Support Administration

  • Policy, Planning and Operational Support Administration oversees inter- and intradepartmental policy development and implementation; works with the governor's office on policy initiatives; manages cross administrative issue sections, including workforce and access to care, certificate of need, and health disparities.
    • Director: Beth Nagel

Public Health

  • The administration's mission is to protect and improve the health of all people in Michigan. We promote and protect the health of the population as a whole through surveillance and response to health issues, prevention of illness and injury, and improvements in access to care. Our vision is that all Michigan residents are healthy, safe and self-sufficient

     Director: Dr. Alexis Travis