As a birth parent, I would like a copy of the original former certificate; how do I obtain a copy?
Can someone look for the adopted person for me to see if they are interested in contact?
What if I,as the former parent of the adult former sibling, registered with the Central Adoption Registry and I change my mind or move?
How do I register with the Central Adoption Registry?
I understand that not all family members can register with the Central Adoption Registry. Who can register?
I understand Michigan has a Registry for former family members to register, what is it?
I am a former family member and I don't know where the adoption took place, how do I get this information?
As a former parent or an adult former sibling, what information can I request from an adoption record?
As an adoptive parent, may I always obtain information from my adopted child's adoption file?
I received nonidentifying information years ago about my adopted child. My child is now experiencing other problems, how can I obtain more current information?
As an adoptive parent, I would like to locate the birth family members for my minor child, what do I need to do to find them?
Where do I, as the adoptive parent, get information from my child's record?
I am an adoptive parent of a minor child and would like to get information from my child's record. What type of information is available to me?
Can I, as the adult adoptee, consent to the release of information about myself to my birth family by filing a statement with the Central Adoption Registry?
Can the adult adoptee obtain a copy of the original birth certificate?
Is there any recourse for me as an adult adoptee to gain identifying information if the birth parent has not filed a statement and my adoption occurred between the May 28, 1945 and September 12, 1980 time period?
I am an adult adoptee, can someone look for my birth family for me to see if they are interested in contact or even be willing to give me updated medical information?
What is the difference between identifying and nonidentifying information?
What types of information can be released from an adoption record?
I sent in my request for information along with any other requested items and fees required of the court or agency, now what can I expect?
I know the court and/or agency that hold the adoption record. What do I do now?
Where do I find a closed adoption record?
How old does one need to be to request information from an adoption record?
I've heard of stories where adult adoptees are reunited with their birth families. Is this common?
Where can I review Michigan's adoption law?
What information is available about a child I am interested in adopting?
We recently adopted a child but have not yet received a birth certificate in our child's name. How do we apply for a certificate in the adoptive name?
If a child is placed in our home and problems arise before the adoption is final, who do we contact?
I live in Michigan and wish to adopt a child from another country; what is the process?
I live in Michigan and wish to adopt a child from another state; what is the process?
Does Michigan law permit parental consent (private) adoptions?
Why must some children wait so long to be adopted?
Can I adopt more than one child?
Do I have to own my own home to adopt?
Do I have to be married to adopt?
What are the requirements to become an adoptive parent?
How much does it cost to adopt a child?
I've heard about birth parents trying to regain custody of the children they released for adoption. Could that happen to me if I adopt?
Is it legal to hire a surrogate mother?
I am now remarried and my spouse (stepparent) wishes to adopt my child(ren). What is the process?
Can an attorney facilitate an adoption?
How do I choose an adoption agency?
What is the cost associated with having a family assessment completed?
How long does the family assessment process take?
What is a family assessment?
I'm ready to begin the adoption process. What should I do first?
I am interested in adopting a child. What options do I have?