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Adoption Assistance Payments

Adoption Assistance is paid monthly. Allow normal mailing time after the payment date and wait at least five days after the tentative payment date to report that you did not receive your check. EFT payments post to your account one day after the issue date listed in the schedule.

2024 Adoption and Guardianship Assistance Payment Schedule

Pay Period Tentative Warrant Date
January Thursday, January 11, 2024
February Thursday, February 8, 2024
March Thursday, March 7, 2024
April Thursday, April 4, 2024
May Thursday, May 9, 2024
June Thursday, June 6, 2024
July Friday, July 5, 2024
August Thursday, August 8, 2024
September Friday, September 6, 2024
October Thursday, October 10, 2024
November Friday, November 8, 2024
December Thursday, December 5, 2024

All dates subject to change. If there is a holiday during the pay week, please expect a delay.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Sign up for EFT to allow the state to deposit funds directly into your bank account. Reasons you may want to use EFT include:

  • EFT payments are safer than checks. No need not worry about your state payments being lost or stolen when receiving an EFT.
  • Problems with EFT payments can be resolved in as little as twenty-four (24) hours, compared to an average of two weeks for paper checks.
  • EFT payments are easier than checks. Once you sign up for EFT, you don't have to go to your bank to use or access funds.

Sign up through the State of Michigan SIGMA Vendor Self Service (VSS). If you need help with this process, view the registration tutorial. You can also download the Electronic Funds Transfer (Direct Deposit) Authorization for Vendor Payments form online

If you have problems with online enrollment, call 888-734-9749 for assistance. If you move, be sure to update your address online and with the Adoption and Guardianship Assistance office.

Helpful Videos

Change of Address

Address changes must be submitted in writing. Be sure to include:

  • Parent's name
  • Phone Number
  • Child's Name
  • Child's Date of Birth
  • Complete Old Address
  • Complete New Address
  • Effective Date of New Address
  • Parent's Signature

If you do not use EFT for your subsidy payments, be sure to submit this information as soon as possible to avoid a delayed check payment.

Mail the information to:
Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Adoption and Guardianship Assistance Office, Suite 612
P.O. Box 30037
Lansing, MI 48909


Medical Subsidy Policy Updated

As of 4/1/21, Medical Subsidy policy was updated. Policy changes were made based on observed needs of the families the Adoption and Guardianship Assistance Office works with every day, their suggestions, as well as suggestions from community partners working with adoptive and guardianship families. Some of the changes include increased funding allotted for medical and dental needs not covered by insurance, increased flexibility with tutoring and camp funds to allow families to access services that will best meet their child's needs, and expansion to mental health funding, including the addition of respite funds, to promote the utilization of community treatment options. To view the complete policy, AAM 640, click the link below. Please contact your assigned ongoing worker for additional information on services that can support your family and the prior approval process to receive funding.

Click to read the Medical Subsidy Policy 

Medical Subsidy Agreements and Prior Approvals 

Adoption Medical Subsidy Program Information Booklet

New Payment System

Important updates for anyone receiving payments from the State of Michigan. Please read carefully. Payments made to foster care parents, private providers, adoptive parents, and service providers will be processed a new system called SIGMA (Statewide Integrated Governmental Management Applications) beginning October 3, 2017.

Read more about SIGMA in this document.