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Request for Public Comment - Public Comment Period Open for Fiscal Year 2023 Adult Day Services Operating Standard for Service Programs

The Behavioral and Physical Health and Aging Services Administration, Bureau of Aging, Community Living, and Supports (ACLS Bureau), is proposing an update to the Adult Day Services standard within the ACLS Bureau’s Operating Standards for Service Programs. The Operating Standards represent a compilation of the policies, standards, rules, regulations, and statutes most directly relating to service programs. The ACLS Bureau is proposing to combine the current Adult Day Services and Dementia Adult Day Care into one ADS standard.

Public comment is open from March 1, 2023, to March 30, 2023. Please submit comments via email to Lacey Charboneau at Written feedback may also be submitted to: Lacey Charboneau, Capitol Commons Center, 400 South Pine Street, P.O. Box 30676, Lansing, MI 48909

Click here to view the Draft Service Standard for Adult Day Services