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COVID-19 Vaccine Ordering and Commercialization FAQ

For general questions on the COVID-19 commercialization transition, please review the HHS Commercialization FAQ.

MDHHS has also compiled an additional list of Michigan-specific questions regarding commercialization for providers. This FAQ will be updated as more information becomes available. If you have specific questions regarding commercialization that are not answered in the HHS guide or below, please contact

MDHHS COVID-19 Vaccine Commercialization FAQ

How should COVID-19 vaccine providers order COVID vaccines?

  • As of August 3, 2023 the standard ordering process for COVID-19 vaccines has been discontinued to prepare for the transition to a commercialized product(s) and so that existing vaccine in the field can be used.
  • If COVID-19 vaccine is needed, providers should work with their local health department to see if vaccine is available for redistribution.
  • If COVID-19 vaccine is still needed, please contact with VFC PIN, product name, NDC Code, and requested amount.
    • Out-of-cycle orders will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 

Is there a cost to order COVID-19 vaccines?

  • There is no charge associated for ordering COVID-19 vaccines using the out-of-cycle request process above or for receiving redistributed vaccine from the local health department. Costs associated with commercial vaccine products are unknown at this time. 

When can providers anticipate the transition to commercialized COVID-19 vaccines?

  • We expect the transition to commercialized vaccines to begin in the fall 2023. This change will likely align with a vaccine strain change should FDA and CDC authorize a new vaccine formulation.
  • Additional details will be distributed to providers as they become available.

Are we still required to track our COVID-19 vaccine inventory in MCIR once we are no longer receiving COVID-19 vaccine free of charge through the State of Michigan?

  • Currently we are still receiving COVID-19 vaccine from the federal government, and we will need to continue to follow the guidance set forth on monitoring vaccine inventory. Commercialization has not happened yet and may not happen until later this fall. Continue to track COVID-19 vaccine in MCIR as you have done previously.
  • All previous guidelines are still in place for COVID-19 vaccine management. Once commercialization occurs, CDC will update us on guidance and MDHHS will share it with our partners.

What will the ordering process look like once vaccines are commercialized?

  • At this time, MDHHS does not have details on the ordering process for commercialized vaccines; however, providers can expect the process to most likely be similar to vaccine ordering for the VFC program.

What happens to the vaccine remaining in stock after commercialization?  

  • The US Government ended distribution of COVID-19 vaccines through the current ordering system on August 3, 2023.
  • Providers should maintain their inventories of EUA and/or BLA vaccines until the vaccine exceeds its shelf life, or the FDA announces a change to EUAs and/or BLAs, whichever occurs first. 
  • Additional updates on this transition will be shared as they become available.

Will private COVID-19 vaccine be in single dose vials? 

  • At this time, both Moderna and Pfizer are planning to have single dose vial options and have submitted for approval. However, we will not know anything official until FDA and ACIP fully review that data and meet to make recommendations. We do anticipate simplification.

Will COVID vaccine be available to order in smaller quantities once commercialized? 

  • We do anticipate smaller quantities for ordering COVID-19 vaccine.

Will there be any dosing/schedule changes with the new strain of vaccine?

  • Any vaccine recommendations will be finalized after FDA and ACIP approve recommendations.

Will the private doses be reimbursed? Or will providers have to pay for them if they expire?

  • We have not heard any insurance reimbursement information at this time.

Will Pfizer be changing their storage requirements for COVID vaccine upon commercialization?

  • At this time, Pfizer does not anticipate storage changes for COVID vaccine. Further storage information will be shared as it is available.