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School Immunization Data

Vaccination requirements for school entry are implemented to maintain high vaccination coverage and protect schoolchildren from vaccine-preventable diseases. Before a child can attend kindergarten, seventh grade, childcare or enroll in a new school district in Michigan, parents or guardians are required to produce documentation that confirms their child has either received the school-required immunizations or has received at least one dose of each of the required immunizations and is awaiting receipt of subsequent doses to be administered at appropriate intervals.  Parents can also provide documentation that an immunization requirement has been waived for religious, medical, or other (sometimes referred to as philosophical) reasons. High waiver rates and low vaccination coverage leave children vulnerable to vaccine-preventable diseases.

Below are summary reports by school building or childcare site that measure compliance with immunization requirements among children enrolled in kindergarten, seventh grade, childcare and new entrants to the school district. The reports do not include schools with less than 10 students. 

If you have questions on these reports, please contact the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Immunization at 517-335-8159.

The following maps show how the percent of immunization waivers and select immunization coverage measures vary across the state: