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About Measles

Measles is a highly contagious virus that can lead to severe complications, especially in children. Measles was declared eliminated (absence of continuous disease transmission for greater than 12 months) from the United States in 2000. This was thanks to a highly effective vaccination program in the United States, as well as better measles control in the Americas region. However, measles risk is increasing globally, in the U.S., and in Michigan. Ensure you are up to date with your measles vaccine.

To learn more about the history of measles and the vaccine, visit History of Measles | CDC.


doctors and nurses

For Health Care Providers

What to look for in patients, when to recommend an MMR vaccine, and other details about measles.
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For Health Departments

Information for public health professionals at health departments.
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Lab Tools

Information about measles testing, specimen collection and shipment, and other lab resources.