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Michigan Immunization Portal FAQ

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Portal Access Assistance

Michigan Immunization Portal FAQ If my valid Michigan photo ID is not the correct address should I update it in the Portal search screen?

Yes, the address may be edited or added and is required to verify you and your immunization record.

If my name has changed from my valid Michigan photo ID, how can I change it?

Your current name may not match your immunization record. Contact your healthcare provider or local health department to edit your immunization record.

When I click the button 'Get My Immunization Record' , I do not see the record.

There might be a pop-up blocker on your browser window which is preventing the pdf version of your immunization from opening. Allow pop ups in your browser.

Immunization Record Assistance

What if I am unable to access my record from the portal?

  • Request a copy of your immunization record from your healthcare provider/physician office
  • Request a copy from the local health department regarding the county you live in Michigan
  • Complete the Request for Immunization Record Form and send to Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Division of Immunization. 

There is an issue with information on my immunization record, what do I do next?

Contact your healthcare provider or your local health department regarding changes to your record.

When will my vaccine show up on my immunization record?

When the administering healthcare provider records your vaccine to their record it will display on your complete State of Michigan Immunization Record. Contact your provider office who gave you the vaccine if you do not see the vaccine on your record.

How to I read my immunization record?

Visit How to Read your State of Michigan Immunization Record

MILogin Account Assistance

Visit the MILogin Help Site

What is MILogin?

MILogin is the centralized State of Michigan's identity management solution that allows users the ability to access many state services and systems online across multiple state agencies, using a single user ID and password. MILogin is managed by the Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB).

How do I create a MILogin for Citizens account?

Visit MILogin and select Sign Up to create a MILogin account.

I forgot my MILogin password. What should I do?

To reset your MILogin account password, visit the following MILogin Reset Password Link

I forgot my MILogin username. What should I do?

To recover your username visit the MILogin Forgot User ID recovery link.

I am locked out of my MILogin account or my MILogin account has been disabled. What should I do?

MILogin accounts will unlock after 30 minutes. Call the Website Support Center 1-877-932-6424 and press 5 for MILogin issues.

I received a message stating my MILogin information is 'incorrect. ' What does this mean?

Please check your driver's license or state ID card number and any other data you entered to verify that it is correct. If you do not have a Michigan driver's license or state ID card, you will not be able to create a MILogin account. If your name contains hyphens try the name with and without hyphens, and without any other special characters such as apostrophes.