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Immunization Education Opportunities for Health Care Personnel

Immunization Update for Office Staff Education

Immunization Nurse Educators (INE) from both the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and local health departments (LHDs) provide free immunization education to provider office staff throughout the state. The educational modules are developed and maintained by a core group of MDHHS nurses. Registered nurses from local health departments who have met the established qualifications and requirements and have completed the MDHHS INE orientation are approved to teach these immunization educational programs within their local jurisdiction. All in-services are conducted free of charge to the provider. Presentations last approximately 1-2 hours and are approved for nursing contact hours and continuing medical education credit.

A variety of educational modules are available. Topics include Infant and Children Immunization, Adolescent Immunization, Adult Immunization, Vaccines Across the Lifespan, Vaccines for Women's Health, Influenza Vaccine, Vaccine Management, Vaccines for Children (VFC), etc. More details are included in the Free Immunization Education Programs handout.

Physician Immunization Updates

Michigan State University Extension and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services have joined together to develop tools and training to help raise Michigan's immunization rate and promote better health among all citizens. The Physician Peer Education Project on Immunization (PPEPI) has been vital to the education of members of the medical field. The PPEPI program travels across Michigan giving immunization updates to practicing physicians and their staff at Grand Rounds, conferences, and medical staff meetings. The PPEPI program relies on carefully selected physician trainers to complete each of the lectures; these trainers are a very dedicated group of individuals who strive for improved immunization rates throughout Michigan.

Lectures include various topics including Pediatric Immunization, Adult Immunization, Vaccines for Women's Health, Influenza Vaccine and Immunizations for Health Care Personnel. More information is posted on the Physician Peer Education Project website at

Free Immunization Programs for Physicians and Staff   (brochure)