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Yellow Fever

Community Health Agency:

Many countries require specific travel immunizations for visitors. International Health Regulations require that yellow fever vaccine be administered only at designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centers.

Yellow Fever Vaccine

In the United States the responsibility for designating Yellow Fever Vaccination Centers has been delegated to State Health Departments.

 and be approved by the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH). Sanofi pasteur will not allow the purchase of yellow fever vaccine by health care providers unless they are approved Uniform Stamp holders.Yellow Fever Provider Application (DCH-1292) In Michigan, health care providers who wish to purchase and administer yellow fever vaccine must complete the 

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A physician, physician's assistant or nurse practitioner (with prescription-writing privileges) can legally administer the Yellow Fever vaccine after a physician completes the Yellow Fever Provider Application. Yellow Fever Center designation can be requested at the same time the Uniform Stamp is requested or at a later date if the physician already is a Uniform Stamp holder. The Yellow Fever Center Registration Form will be processed once the applicant has been approved for a Michigan Uniform Stamp.

Yellow Fever Provider Application (DCH-1292)

Once you have received your Uniform Stamp and your completed Yellow Fever Provider Application is on file at the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH), you will automatically become a designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Center in Michigan and you will be eligible to purchase and administer yellow fever vaccine. You will be required to report your annual number of yellow fever doses administered to MDCH by January 15 of each year.

).Yellow Fever Provider Application The application must be completed in full, and then mailed to the above address. Any applications with missing or incomplete information will be returned to the applicant. Applicants are also required to attach a narrative description of the supervising physician's experience in providing travel immunizations and their reason(s) for applying to be a travel immunization/yellow fever vaccine provider (see 

Lansing  MI  48909
PO Box 30195
201 Townsend St.
Division of Immunization
Michigan Department of Community Health
Please mail the completed form to:

.VAERS website For more information and reporting forms, please contact VAERS at (800) 822-7967 or visit the 

 according to state guidelines. Private providers should report all adverse events directly to VAERS, and also notify MDCH.Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) Adverse events reported to providers after vaccination should be submitted to the 

Adverse Event Reporting

.Information on febrile illness and serious adverse events after the administration of yellow fever vaccine is located on the following CDC website

. The survey should take about 5 minutes to complete.survey by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health about yellow fever vaccination Johns Hopkins University is conducting a study on side effects of the yellow fever vaccine. If you have been vaccinated against yellow fever in the last 2 days, or are planning to get vaccinated soon, you may participate in a 
Yellow Fever Vaccine Study

Swiftwater, PA 18370
Route 611, P.O. Box 187
sanofi pasteur

Yellow fever vaccine produced by sanofi pasteur is obtained directly from sanofi pasteur, the sole distributor in the United States. For information, prices, and ordering procedures, contact sanofi pasteur. Providers are not able to order yellow fever vaccine unless they have been authorized by the Michigan Department of Community Health.

 (sanofi pasteur)Travel Clinic Locator

Michigan Yellow Fever Vaccination Clinics

Travel Clinics in Michigan

Additional Travel Resources

Yellow Fever Vaccine Information Statement

When travel related vaccinations, particularly Yellow Fever vaccine, are required, the administered vaccines must be recorded on approved forms, such as those in the booklet PHS-731, International Certificates of Vaccination as Approved by the World Health Organization. If your doctor or public health office does not have this booklet, it can be purchased for $2.25 from the Superintendent of Documents, P.O. Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954; telephone 202-512-1800, or Government Printing Office bookstores. To find this booklet on the International Certificates of Vaccination:  U.S. Government Bookstore

 website, use the Search feature that is provided on that website by typing the booklet number (PHS-731) in the space provided. This booklet should be kept with your your passport at all.International Travel Vaccine Resources

National Network for Immunization Information

 -- Disease specific information on all travel related vaccinesTravel Vaccination

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